• Certified by Govt. Of India (Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers) License No : RPSL-MUM-455
    ( Issue - 23/11/2017 & Valid Upto - 18/08/2022 )
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified
  • (+91) 22-62231737 / 9930504615
  • mashipmanagement@gmail.com
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    1. M.A. Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. is a leading service provider for Crew Management and Sourcing of Seafarer across the Shipping fraternity. We are also a leading Service Provider in the Field of Marine Management dealing with all aspects of Marine activity which includes efficient Ship Management, Commercial Management, Port Management, Ship repairs, Sale and Purchase of Marine Crafts and Ships of various categories. etc.
    2. The Company's sourcing department is capable of selecting and providing seasoned and qualified personnel, with good service records.
    3. The Company places the following category of personnel, Master, Mates, Engineers, Mechanics, DP Operators, Crane Operators, Cooks, Stewards, general-purpose hands, Hotel Department and Medical Doctors.
    4. The Company aims to listen to its customer’s special requirements, and fulfill the same by making the best efforts and maintaining a stringent quality criteria.
    5. M.A. Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. has been very successful in making a name for itself in a relatively short span of time, only because of its ability and commitments to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality services at the right time and in the right manner.